"Thank you so much for inviting me to look at your work.  I find many of them just breathtakingly beautiful.  Some push the color into what appears to be a fantastical realm, or hyper saturated golden light." 
Kristen T. Woodward, Professor of Art, Albright College, Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

This site presents the digital art, drawings, and photos of Carl Gethmann. The Pricing information says Buy this print online. What you are actually buying is a unique painting, drawing, or photo that is one of a kind on an aluminum panel. Only one copy is available on an aluminum panel. Once the original on an aluminum panel is sold, only prints of that piece of art will be sold in the future.

Please click on the Store button to view information on all the options available for your purchase.

To view the images, click on the Gallery button and then select an image category from the displayed category listing.

All of these images are copyrighted; see the Usage page for additional information.

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